The Kalle sponge cloth.

Offering high absorbency, excellent durability and ecological sustainability, Kalle Sponge Cloths meet the highest quality standards. They benefit from Kalle’s many years of experience in processing natural materials.

Consumer products

Kalle Sponge Cloths combine the greatest water absorption capacity with excellent stability against mechanical stress.

The sponge cloth for private brands

Professional cleaning

Professional cleaners need products that are durable and offer good resistance to wear. When supplied in dry form, Kalle Sponge Cloths require less space, thus reducing logistics costs.

The sponge cloth for cleaning companies

Printing and advertising

Eye-catching: Kalle Sponge Cloths can be custom-designed to make them stand out from other products and give you a competitive advantage.

The sponge cloth for marketing purposes

Special Applications

Defined product characteristics can be set thanks to sophisticated process control. Special types form the basis for technical problem solutions.

To solutions for specific problems


Kalle Sponge Cloths are produced using the renewable raw materials wood cellulose and cotton. They are durable, reusable and biodegradable.

How our sponge cloths are produced


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