Diamond structure

The pattern of our success

Kalle Sponge Cloths can be recognised from their typical diamond structure. The reverse side exhibits a fine line structure. The diamonds are embossed, uniform and clearly outlined.

Chinese counterfeit products

Recently, Chinese manufacturers have attempted to copy the diamond structure as a trademark. At first glance, the imitations appear to be very similar to the real thing. The imitation only becomes recognisable when you tear into the cloths, thus revealing a supporting fabric.

The imitations are fundamentally different from authentic Kalle Sponge Cloths. They consist of merely a soft viscose mass that has to be held together by an interior fabric. The soft mass can be easily scraped with a thumbnail and crumbles under even a small amount of mechanical stress. After the imitation cloths have been used and dried out for the first time, they crumble like dry biscuits and cannot be used again.

Characteristics of the original

Authentic Kalle Sponge Cloths excel thanks to the diamond pattern and a three-dimensional cross-linked mixture of cellulose and cotton. Kalle Sponge Cloths do not require mesh or supporting fabrics.


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